About Us

Hey, we're Amber + Ash and we own and run Little Loves, with an amazing group of mum friends. As lovers of beautiful, quality goods ourselves, we really enjoy sourcing the coolest kidswear locally and from around the world. We hope you love what we've found for you.

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These are our Values

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Our biggest priority is to stock the best brands from Queensland and Australia. We are huge advocates for supporting the businesses around us first before going overseas.

Australian Brands

We choose products based on their brands ethos, what are they doing to limit their impact to the environment? We love brands that do preorders to prevent over production.

Sustainable Brands
Made for Kids

Kids have the whole rest of their lives to be boring grown ups! We pick brands that make little personalities shine, and toys that bring out the magic of childhood.

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This is Our Shop

Welcome to our fun and colourful store! Located in Currumbin/Tugun of the Gold Coast of Australia. If you're local, you're probably already our friend. If you're a visitor thinking about coming to the Gold Coast, definitely make a stop in our little beach town. We are located in the leafy, red brick Cornerstone Stores, along with a cafe, salon, specialty shops and plenty of room for a picnic.

We'd love to hear from you

If you have a product you think we'd love, or you're a customer with questions, don't hesitate to contact us through our contact form, it goes straight to our email x